What You Need To Know About Australian Food History

Do you want to know the beginning of Australian food? Well, if so then you are in the right place. The fact remains that the food in the early days was quite different from the current days. The truth is that the supply of food at the beginning was inadequate. Do you want to know the concise information?
Below is the brief history about Australian food since the early days till now. Food Supply
As mentioned earlier, food supply was scarce and it was only made for 2 years. This means that the Australians had to survive with whatever was available locally. It is pretty obvious that only fish and indigenous animals were available and that’s what they lived for. The truth is that most people suffered scurvy due to lack of fruits and vegetables.

Soil cultivating and animal keeping

When the situations of food become severe, Australians started another plan. They started growing sheep and cattle. Therefore,red meat was their daily meal during those days.In addition to that, rabbits were also introduced but they did more harm than good. The fact is that the rabbits destroyed all the indigenous plants that were fed on by the native animals. This disheartened most farmers and they decided to get rid of the rabbits. The rabbit meat became the cheapest food though many people didn’t like the meat despite its nutritious quality. The meat is rich in protein and people didn’t want this from food.

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Food Transformation

In the recent days, things about food have changed. They aren’t similar to the traditional ones. The fact remains that native herbs and spices are now popular. The natural foods are beneficial in that they add flavor and are nutritious. Do you want to prove the transformation of food? Just search for the Australian spices at Amazon. Hoping that you will enjoy what you will see. Influence from multicultural After 1850, Chinese came in Australia with various cooking techniques. They didn’t change the eating habit if Australian’s during that time.The Australian’s eating and cooking habits were influenced by a lot of migration. Various New vegetables and fruits come out. Moreover, new cooking methods were learned and this is what made food become more spicy, tasty and crispy.

Current Food Style

Currently, the Australian’s food style has advanced. The migrants such as Italians and others have contributed to this. The drinks, poultry, fish, cheese and extensive use of vegetable are the current food style. The bottom-line here is that traditional food which was red meat distinguishes the present foods. Coffee and wine is now Australian’s food culture. The wine sold here is known to be the best worldly wise.

The above informative details are all about Australian food records. The reality is that things have changed.