The fundamental reason you’ll need to make a trip to the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne is for the wide variety of food & attractions. With market gardens and plantations scattered all through the area or the close-by Yarra Valley, the fresh delivery here overflows with flavour . There are many attractions in the Dandenong Ranges, where everything is made locally enjoy genuine wholesome food including tarts, unique food products, artesian bread and cheeses, it’s great for food intolerances and supplements the leafy foods nearby at the Organic Fanatic.



But if you need to eat out, well you are well and really sorted. No fewer than three major names Melbourne foodies have made the late move to this region and with the range’s ‘Europe among the gum trees’ notoriety we think it’s more than coincidence that they’re all French.


Stage one, the Burnham Bakery and Piggery Café, is set in an old pigsty, opened a year ago, and it’s the sort of common setting where feed parcels meet marble, the holdup staff dress in chickened shirts and thecar park is full by 9am.


The indoor/outdoor bistro ignores the work-in-advancement ideal nation scene – a knocking down some pins green, croquet yard, vegetable greenery enclosure, truffles (with 500 French Oak trees blossoming with the rich soil), and a bundle of protected emus, who give huge “brilliant” green eggs for the adored ’emu egg wipe cake’. At the point when the reported ‘six-star’ convenience is included, part of the stupendous arrangement is for visitors to experience something cash can’t purchase – diving in the patio nursery, helping out in the pastry kitchen or notwithstanding taking an inhabitant canine to chase for truffles. Also, there’ll be a prize for diligent work, a decrease of the bill. Beneath is what offers dandenong ranges food a lot


1. The Yarra Valley’s mystery gardens

The bistro serves dandenong ranges food throughout the day, consistently. For breakfast, don’t miss the cassoulet with corn misuses and for lunch attempt the melt-in-your-mouth pork paunch BLT with a glass of wine from a close-by Ybarra Valley vineyard.

If you’d want to begin your day away from work swarm free, make a beeline for The General dandenong ranges food Store in Emerald. Small in size but enormous in The Age Good Food awards, a couple/gourmet specialist and-visual originator group Paul and Belinda Douglas make their month to month menu in view of what’s in season