Why do we take food? Are you aware of this fact?

I think you might know it. We consume carbohydrates, proteins & fats in the form of food. Apart from these we also intake vitamins, micro & macro elements inside our body by means of food. It is complex substances which are utmost required in our bodies and that’s the reason we consume food multiple times a day. These foods are the main raw material to our body which gets metabolized to provide us with the necessary energy that we help us to sustain our daily life.

Food is generally consumed in either of both forms: liquid or solid. The solid one is commonly termed as the food while the liquid one on common notes is called as drinks. Both serve the metabolism system to produce ATP -the energy coins in which mankind is sustaining in this daily life.

Common & Necessary food materials

Food is classified on different basis majorly depending upon their energy producing capacity, their richness in carbohydrate, proteins & fats. But the most common differentiation is acted on their source.

According to the source, food types:

  • Food is generally found through farming or gardening & these are known as vegetables
  • Food found from the flesh of the animal is known as meat is another form.

According to the composition food types:

  • Food rich in sugar materials like glucose, sucrose, pentose
  • Food rich in protein compounds like Amino Acids
  • Foods that are fatty or composed of oil, fats & lipid materials.

According to the energy value, food types:

  • Food that provides us excess energy and allows us to sustain long are high calorific foods
  • Foods that are low on calories and helps people to deplete their weight are low calorific foods

Significance of food in our daily lives

Since is health is wealth and consuming proper food & maintaining a correct diet is the only alternative of being healthy, food has immense importance in our daily lives. A handful of major ones are noted down here:

  • Vitality:

Food provides the necessary vitality to keep our body working & stable. Considering the body as the working machinery, food is the fuel.

  • Maintaining Body shape, size, structure & forms:

There are different kinds of food, one of them is protein enriched food materials. They are rich in amino acids which is highly necessary utilization by the cells to maintain the body shape.

  • To provide necessary immunity to the body

There are several body mechanisms that work to produce necessary antigens which provide protection against the foreign antigens, microbes & parasitic infestations. There are several foods that provide immunity to the body to fight against this.

  • Food helps in the development of a sound mentality

It provides the person with the ability of quick reflexes, precise decision-making capabilities as well as intelligence.

In a single word, food is highly necessary for our sustenance.