Is SEO Good For Lead Generation?

Search engine optimization isn’t a lead generation tactic. Rather, it’s a map given to prospective clients that direct them to your website. Exactly like Google Maps, it has to be routinely updated and maintained as a way to bring in a steady flow of prospects. Also just like Google Maps, it requires proper labeling (key words ) and destinations (landing pages) so as to work well.

SEO will help out with the visibility of your website concerning search engine ranking. Search engines rank websites utilizing keywords which make up the website. When potential customers are on search engines and searching for those key words, they may or may not find your website from the search results. If they click on your connection back through to your website, it generates organic traffic. (Or unpaid traffic)

If your content correctly reflects what the visitor is looking for, that visitor becomes a lead, and finally a sale.

Statistica recently published information on ad blocking browsers for users in america from 2014 to 2018. In their analysis, they found that 24.4 percent of consumers were using ad blockers to block advertisements in their devices — and that’s expected to visit 30.1 percent from the end of 2018. What does this mean to you? If your SEO is not performing well, then you’re potentially losing out on a big proportion of search traffic, and consequently marketing lead generation services.

Search engine optimization is the foundation or street that brings the flow of visitors to your website, and it is the terminology that the search engines are searching for when showing search results . As a growing number of users block or dismiss paid search and advertisements, it’s become more important than ever to use SEO to your very best advantage. Search engines (and the people using them) look for quality content that has value in relation to their hunt, and ideally, you’d like them to register or buy your goods. If you are not showing that quality content, you’ll miss out.

Concerning local company (which is most company’ bread and butter) stats show:

78 percent of mobile local search led to an offline purchase.

What all of this indicates is if you are solely relying on paid search rather than SEO for lead generation, you may lose out on valuable sales.

To start the process of optimizing your site and articles for SEO, you need to create an search engine optimization strategy. You’ll have to delineate your audience, define your ideal leads, identify keywords, and track SERP rankings.