Transporting Australia’s Favorite seafood

There is no doubt that Australians love Seafood and the fact that the country is surrounded by water all round, it is hard resisting these healthy and delicious sea creatures. There are lots of species available but there are specific ones Aussies love.  Transporting seafood interstate is extremely tricky.  We often use Ozzy Tyres based in Sydney for our needs transport needs, they also stock the widest range of Mag Wheels in Australia. If you are visiting Australia for the very first time, you should sample these popular seafood whenever your tummy starts growling:-


In 2013 alone, about 15,745 tones were consumed. How crazy is that? You cannot miss this slimy, salty seafood in most restaurants in Australia and most especially in Brisbane where they are in plenty. There is always a fresh supply that you can buy and prepare using your preferred recipe.  Australia’s best oysters come from Tasmania, where they are caught locally daily.


This is the most favorite seafood for the Australians. During festive seasons, over 18,596 tones will be caught and prepared in most homes. If you have no idea how to prepare it, you could try the wasabi prawns in angel hair recipe or the Thai red prawn curry recipe that are available online and on most Australian seafood recipe books.


About 7, 554 tones of this seafood were caught in 2013 making it another favorite to the locals. You can enjoy tuna with some sushi or buy canned ones in the supermarkets.  Tuna is often caught on Australia’s shores & then transported interstate along with internationally.



This fish may be a killer but when caught, it can make quite a good meal as well. In Australia, over 6000 tones get consumed yearly. Again, in 2013, a total of 6,003 tones were caught and consumed.


There are lots of this fish in Australia with some locals even tank farming them. The numbers caught in 2013 were 4,498 tones.  Barramundi is extremely hard to transport as it has a short perishable life.

Others include crabs, mullets, Flat heads, salmon, Scallops beams and many more. So there you have it folks, next time you are in Australia and are craving some seafood, make your way into a restaurant and enjoy any of your choice.