What are vertical louvres

If you are thinking what are vertical louvres then it is the right place for you. Here we are going to discuss few essential things about vertical louvers. Vertical louvres are basically a window blind or shutter. The vertical louvers have two modes of operation. The can be tilted and they can also be drawn back to the sides. However, most people just tilt the louvres and leave the blinds across the window. As people can angle the louvres so precisely, this gives them control over privacy as well as shade. You would still be able to see out through vertical blind louvers, therefore, you won’t be having the trapped in feeling which you would have with a roller blind. As there are many people who want to have a window covering as they need privacy. Therefore, this is a great option for them as they can get their desired privacy without obstructing light.  

Another most essential thing which you need to know about the vertical louvers is that the larger the louvres, the greater amount of light would be entering the room. Moreover, the color of the blade would also be influencing the amount of light reflecting. Therefore, it is very important to consider having lighter colors if you are going for small louvers.


If you are having a small window then consider having small blades or slats as they would look much better. Similarly, for larger windows, larger blades or slats would be best. Small blades on the larger windows would look cluttered and it would be obstructing too much light and view.


There are huge numbers of options available for the vertical louvres. They are available in various kinds of fabrics and colors. So, if you are considering buying vertical louvers then buy them from a good and reputed store.