Tips for building inspections in Australia

Before deciding to buy or sell a property, it is strongly recommended that you inspect the building yourself or a professional. Although you most likely need a professional labor inspection company, there are things you can do yourself and report your results to the appropriate personnel.

And the best way to do this is to divide your property into two different areas – the interior of your home and the exterior of your home. We highly recommend getting building and pest inspections in adelaide before buying a home.


Check pressure and water lines

Open all faucets and check if the water color is normal or muddy. Also check for good drainage. An indication that everything is fine is when you see that the water is flowing slowly and there is no risk of overflow.

Check the walls, floor and ceiling

Keep an eye out for cracks. This is particularly important as these are signs of a structural movement, the repair of which could cost a lot of money in the future. It is therefore best to notify home inspection staff in advance so that they can take the necessary action.

Beware of electrical damage – it could save your life

Each piece of old wiring, switches and sockets should be replaced immediately. Also check that all the lights are working properly. Do not hesitate to inquire about heating and cooling systems.

Check for signs of pest infestation

Check the corners of the walls properly as this is where most pests live. And if you find such a corner, be sure to notify the person responsible for building and inspecting the pests.


Check the fuse box and power lines carefully

Make sure your home’s fuse box meets all safety standards and is up to date.

Check asbestos

Ask the seller if asbestos has been used on walls, roofs or fences. Asbestos can cause life-threatening diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Therefore, you should always ask the seller if it has been used for walls and roofs.

Look for signs of pest infestation

Hornet nests or beehives are among the most common places where parasites breed. Recheck your property for termite damage and notify the person responsible for inspecting your property.

Check and garden (if you have one !!)

Check that the garden has good irrigation and good landscaping.

Check the external structures of your property

Make sure they are in perfect condition. Check anything that requires immediate attention. After completing your inspection, be sure to do a full evaluation of your results. Document them in the correct order and present them to the inspector responsible for inspecting your building.

This way you can compare the benefits with the costs and determine whether the property is worth it or not.


It is a very good indicator of the overall quality of such a business. Typically, a company that takes the time to put a lot of effort into carrying out your building inspection work would also like to be adequately compensated. Don’t be upset if a company charges you little for such work. You can be sure that such work will be rushed and that you are probably also dissatisfied. You could sue them for negligence and they could also offer you compensation. However, it is always best to ensure that the initial work is done properly so that all of these noises do not occur.